Plot a Children’s Book – Fast!

Plot a Children's BookThis is going to be a quick and (relatively) easy challenge.

And before you say anything… I KNOW that plotting and writing a children’s book is just as much of a challenge as writing a novel for adults. BUT (because I’ve had over 70 books for kids published) I also know that I have, in the past, been able to plot, write and polish a short book for kids in a weekend.

If you haven’t tried your hand at it before, why not have a shot? (And if you have published other books for kids, then have a go anyway… see how much you can do in a week.)

Here’s the challenge:

  • Use the ‘quick plot’ outlined below.
  • Choose your characters and setting
  • Work out the main problem
  • Plot the book

If you’re feeling dead keen, you can even start writing it – but I was going to leave that for next week.

Quick Plot for Kids

  1. Create an interesting character.
  2. Give that character a problem OR a special goal.
  3. Let him/her think about and come up with an idea for solving that problem or achieving that goal.
  4. Create some OPPOSITION for the main character. Usually this is a person, but it can be weather, geography, or circumstances.
  5. Create three hurdles that the main character has to overcome before ‘winning through’. Each one should be harder than the one before – and each problem should be solved through the character’s own grit, wits and determination.
  6. Craft a satisfying ending.

That’s it. Off you go!


Plot a Children’s Book – Fast! — 2 Comments

    • That’s entirely up to you, Maureen. How fast can you write? Are you aiming at just a first draft or do you want to include some editing/polishing?
      I’ve written kids’ books of up to 3,500 words in a weekend – that’s a short chapter book for emergent readers. You can set yourself 2,000 words a day and have a longer book.
      The longer the book is, the more time you have to allow for it.